How it all started…

Well, we had been’ beggin’  my mum for a blog… until one day she said “Well why don’t you pray about it and see what the Lord says” Of course we said yes… so that very night I asked the girls to please not put Father Knows Best because they usually put it to go to sleep in some speakers. So I went on and prayed and asked the Lord to show me if yes or no and if it was a no to help me accept it. So I thought it would be nice to tell you he prophesy. Soooo here it is!!!….

All of you havent been Very faithful (that hit me hard!! (haha JK) ) but this will help you to improve and every time you go to the computer it won’t be thinking about playing games but maybe writing poems, thoughts, funny things here and there because it doesn’t all have to be serious I like to laugh to.

So I think this would be a good idea. This would also help you; Stephen and Gaby, to know what their doing and it would also give them a goal to reach like; everyday write a poem or a thought and things they’ve accomplished throughout the day and goals they would like to fulfill.

Well that’s all I hope you liked it.

Oh and just in case you havent figured out this is an all sisters blog. So we all have a category. Well I hope you enjoy the rest of the blog!!! See yah around!!


3 thoughts on “How it all started…

  1. Flo says:

    Oh kewl, Misty mist!! hehehehehe that blog idea was from me right??? And yeah what Jesus said was true!!! I usually dont play computer games anymore (Or other things..) Just chat and stuff!! Blogging is fun!!

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