Since Jesus said that we should post some poems I decide to post one about winter (since that’s the season were in) Sooooo here it is:

Sleep On

Sleep on, oh earth.

Cold winds still sweep the meadows;

The sun forgets to shine days without end.

Sleep on through purple twilight shadows;

On fields and streams rests Winter’s icy hand.

Dream on of sunshine and flowers,

Of birds in flight high in the azure skies,

Of warm wind’s soft caress and April showers,

Of soaring kites and children’s smiling eyes.

Beneath your ermine cover, sleep,

Until you hear a robin’s cheerful song,

And Spring no more plays hide-and-seek,

Until that day, sleep on, sleep on.

In peace I shall both lie down

and sleep, for You alone,

Lord, make me secure.

Psalm 4:9

Well that’s it for today!! BYE!!


3 thoughts on “Poem

  1. Flo says:

    Aww…I liked that one!!

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