Random things…

Since I don’t have a lot to post about I’m just ganna post some random things (I’m such a copy cat… right flo???) haha  Oh well here are the random things:

  • Tomorrow were ganna have our posada so we just finished decorating the house but Windy is still working on some details and an uncle washed the couches another uncle cleaned the pool etc.
  • And to answer to your comment Nikki we each do our breakfast  Me and Sunny take turns cooking because me her and annie sleep in one room and if your wondering were windy sleeps she sleeps with a friend called lena (14yrs.) and is soo cool!! then for lunch an uncle or aunty do it the same with dinner and lunch dishes somebody does it but in dinner dishes we each (children and adult) do 5 minutes of dishes (like sweep the kitchen or wash for 5 minutes etc.)
  • Tomorrow were ganna go to the movies in the morning (weird huh??) because a person told us he would like to help us by letting us watch a movie (I don’t know wich one the adults refuse to tell us) quite frankly he said he would help us but it had to be tomorrow so… were ganna go and then get ready for our posada.
  • Uuummm what else should I tell you??….. oh well I guess I’ll just tell you…. how many rooms bathrooms etc. ok?? ok!
  • We have 12 rooms, 10 bathrooms (but one doesn’t work), we have two work shops, two little living rooms and one big one, one big dinning room (wich is the main one) and one little one (wich is like for meetings etc.), one kitchen, one vegetable room, a pantry, two laundry areas, etc.
  • Uuummm I can’t think of anything else to put…
  • Oh yeah I just thought of something we have some people who went on a faith trip to raise some funds I guess the only thing to tell you is who went… Gabe (married has two sons, alex(10) and Julian (5 months), Luz (I’m not sure if shes married or not, but she had to come back because she hurt her shoulder (ouch!), Peter (I mean Andrew (he changed his name) he’s single), Leilani (she’s single to), Fran (17 and of course he’s single) I think that’s it.
  • Well since I’m at it I might as well tell you how man people are in our home and their name etc. I’ll tell you the couples first and then the singles ok??
  1. Phil and Dawn (He’s 59 I know because his B-Day just passed but I don’t know how old she is and I don’t know were she was born either) their sons and daughters are (well they’ve got around 13 I think but I’ll just tell you the ones that I know ok?) Fran (17 I don’t know were he was born) and Lena (14 born in Hungary)
  2. Laura and Fisher (I don’t know how old) (he was born in Canada and she was born somewhere in mexico) Their daughters and son are Itshel (but we all call her linette)19 born somewhere in mexico) Zabbi (but we all call her  Cielo) she was born in mexico city) and Dillon (1 and a half born in cuernavaca)
  3. Gabe and Bruni (wich I would Imagine are around their twenties) shews born in Russia and I don’t know where he was born) their sons are Alex (10 born in Russia) and Julian (5 months born in cuernavaca)
  4. Our family
  • and now for the single people…
  1. Luz ( I don’t know how old and she is from Germany)
  2. Phillip (I would imagine he’s around his fifties and I don’t know where he’s from)
  3. Andrew (24 or 25 born somewhere in South America)
  4. Leilani ( wich shes in her thirties and she was born somewhere in mexico)                                                                                 Well thats it for my randomness (it really wasnt random was it??) folks hope you have a berry nice Christmas!! Bye Bye!!

3 thoughts on “Random things…

  1. oops I ment to put she was in number 3…. jeje and I forgot but alex is actually 11 instead of 10. -misty

  2. Yah, such a copy cat 🙂

  3. hehe I know! I just couldn’t think of anything else to write… but you always have such good ideas!! Muah! I luv yah!!

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