Precious Moments part 3

But his list was already as long as a kangaroo’s tail, and he wanted everything on it.

Then Jeremy stopped by a lamp on the street, a lamp wrapped with holly and snow.   He stood and looked in the window nearby.  There he saw an old lady,   a lady alone in the soft yellow light, a lady with no list and no one to love on Christmas Eve.

A tear came to Jeremy’s eye that night.  The lady alone had no Christmas tree,no gifts in the corner wrapped in bright-colored paper,  no wreaths or cones or candy canes.   No children to sing and clap their hands, no laughter or feasting or fun.

(to be continued ) sorry I couldn’t right much but i have to go to are show now. Bye love you guys


One thought on “Precious Moments part 3

  1. Annie, why dont you um, like edit on your first post so that you can write it all together?

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