Precious Moments the end

What gift would she want?   And who would give it?  Then Jeremy thought of the gift on his list, that list as long as a kangaroo’s tail.   And he wasn’t sure he wanted each one.

Then Jeremy had a wonderful thought.       He ran home through the snow, and up to his room.  In a wink and a twinkling he was back once again. He was back at the holly leaves. He was back at the window with soft yellow light. He was back near the lady with no gifts in sight. He stood there with a book in his hands on that night.

Jeremy lifted his book with a smile. And he sang a sweet song of the Christmas Child’s birth. His song was a gift to the lady alone. He smiled as he sang, and she smiled too. Then he knew that his gift was the best he coulld give.

In the snow that night, by the soft yellow light, Jeremy forgot the list he had made. He forgot the list of things and things. He was giving, not getting, He was singing, not talking. He was bringing a gift of himself and his song. And that was the best gift on that Christmas Eve night.

There by the lamp as the holly leaves wrapped all around, Jeremy sang his songs of love.

He sang many songs of a Savior’s birth and the joy he could bring to a lady alone. Jeremy had a long list of songs to sing. His list was as a kangaroo’s tail and he sang for her every one.

The end


3 thoughts on “Precious Moments the end

  1. Flo says:

    Wohoo! U finnally finished it!

  2. i finish’s the story yesterday right before we left to mega

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