What happend in our Posada…

Well… first of all we had to get ready right?? We had to do the show so apart from putting nice clothes on and putting makeup on etc. we also had to do our clown makeup… then people just wouldn’t show up!! so we began playing this board game you know 100 maxicanos digieron? well then this person with a down syndrome son came and since my parents had invited him we had to say hello right?? so my dad introduced us to them and I  shacked hands with the dad and then with the son but then the son wouldn’t let go of my hand so I decided to give him a kiss in his cheek but then to my horror he got my hand and kissed it!!  so that was the begginig of the posada then after all the visitors had come we did our show and like at the middle of it the people from the Delicias home came (which is the home noella and her family are in)  at the end of the show we ate posole  and then the adults decided to hit the pinata so all the kids did a line (except for me windy and lena) (lena because she doesn’t like pinatas windy because she’s to old and me because I didn’t feel like it) but at the end they pulled lena then me to hit it… and after some of the adults decided to hit the pinata… after that the adults aked the singing team (which is linnete, fran, andrew, lena, cielo, windy and me) to sing a couple of songs so we said ok (of course)  and we sang Feliz Navidad and White Chrstmas… after that some of the visitors left and to the ones who stayed Fisher started to sing some songs (he’s a professional) and we all joined in then we started tlaking and then the day was over and everybody left and we wen’t to sleep.

I know I know it sounded boring but it was MUCH funner than that (but hey you try explaining something like that!!) (hehe) well that’s all for now bye!


2 thoughts on “What happend in our Posada…

  1. Flo says:

    Aww so fun! Tell Noella for me that I miss her ok?

  2. oki doki!! did yo do a posada??? tell chris, angel and esteban about the blog!!! geesh!! or did you already tell them??? and tell esteban and angel that if they don’t have a blog to just use mine or yours (if you let them) and to put their name at the en of the post… ok? txs.

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