This poem is dedicated to my dearest most adorable best friend… Flo:

“Friends forever”, you promised.

“Together till the end”.

We did everything with each other.

You are my best friend.

When i was sad, you were by my side.

When I was scared you felt my fear.

You were my best support-

If I needed you you were there.

You were the greatest friend,

You always knew what to say:

You made everything seem better.

As long as we had each other,

Everything would be okay.

Suddenly we were miles apart,

As we grow older things must change

But they don’t always have to end.

Even though it is differnt now,

You will always be my friend.

I know I know it made me cry to… but I thought it was nice so thats why I posted it… well gtg I have to get ready for a show!! Bye Bye!! I luv yah flo!! And all my other friends and cousins out there!!


2 thoughts on “CHANGES…

  1. Flo says:

    Aww Misty, so sweettt!! Yeah I am crying too!

  2. ooh flo i miss you so much

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