Poems about Christmas…

Here are two poems that I liked and hope you like them to!!

The real reason

Excitement and joy are filling the air;

The lights add special decor.

We’re shopping for Christmas gifts everywhere,

But are Gifts what Christmas is for?

The wreaths and the trees and the parties

Aren’t what we need to convey;

It’s the birth of our savior, Jesus,

The real reason of this holiday.

Christmas magic

Are we to grown up to feel a thrill

As we light the Christmas tree?

Are we immune to cookies,

Christmas cards and Christmas glee?

Are we to adult to “Ooh” and “Aah”

At the Christmas candles glow?

Are we blase about our gifts;

Do we shun the mistletoe?

Are we to mature for carols,

For merry of for jolly?

Do the decorations leave us cold,

The ornaments and holly?

Fat chance! We’ll never grow to old

To love the Christmas magic.

A year without a Christmas

Would be boring, even tragic.

So bring it on! The candy canes,

The feasting and good cheer;

Oh Christmas, lovely Christmas,

Your the highlight of the year!

Well that’s it for today folks see yah!!


3 thoughts on “Poems about Christmas…

  1. Flo says:

    You get all your poems from those books you had?

  2. nope… these I got from the internet and the one that was addressed to you i got it from Chicken soup for the noodle soul!! (LIKE i CALL IT!!) HEHE

  3. but the one about winter i did get it from those books!!

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