Monday, 28 of december…

Ok ok I’m illegally a copy cat!! Geesh!! Gimme a break it’s just for this once!!! Ok so I decided to tell you what happened this day ok ok?? ok!!

  1. I woke up at around 7:30 (we were supposed to have woken up at 9:00 but geesh gimme a break I couldn’t!!)
  2. Oh yeah one thing I forgot to mention is that were not having family day today…
  3. after that I had to wait until 9:00 to have my breakfast and then start getting ready…
  4. I ate breakfast
  5. I got ready
  6. I did Lena’s make up (yah know clown make up..)
  7. And then we left to our first show…
  8. when we got there most of the Delicias home was there (that’s the home were noella lives…)
  9. we started setting up… but guess what??? WE WERE RIGHT IN THE SUN!!
  10. Oh yeah did I forget to mention that this first show was for an orphanage?? Oh well I guess i did…
  11. Anyways we finished setting up and loh and behold noella, memo, martin, shelly, tori and anisha came!! yay!! (uumm I think i forgot to mention that they weren’t there before… hehhe)
  12. Then we started our show which went like this…
  • Aires Navidenos. Which came out terrible because it froze almost at the end of the song. (and that folks is VERY embarrassing!!)
  • Then we did Arbolitos. Which came out good!! (thank goodness)
  • Then we started the storie.
  • Then we stopped and did Burrito Sabanero. Which was going perfect until the part when annie jumped in my back and I almost fell over… Noella and her dad laughed at me!!!
  • Then we continued the storie…
  • Oh Buen Jesus. Which came out good.
  • Then we continued the storie…
  • Con Antorchas. Which came out good (also)
  • Then we finished the storie.
  • Then we did Que Puedo Darle. Which also came out good!
  • At the end we did Ding Don Din! Which didn’t come out sooo good because almost everybody did tonz of mistakes.

Ok well I gtg because my times up in the comp although thats not all I did today… Oh one more thing… WERE GANNA WATCH A MOVIE!!!

Oh well bye bye!

3 thoughts on “Monday, 28 of december…

  1. Ahahaha well not as bad as our show………. and which movie shall it be??

  2. Windy says:

    man in the iron masck
    umm i don’t now how you right it????

  3. Oh we watched The Man in the Iron Mask… although I had already watched it… we also did a cake for cielos mum. I t was SUPER yummy and then we ate some pumpkin pie (wich we get from costco) which was SUPER yummy to! We also… (ja) did some ponche (you know what thet is right??) with strawberries and some other thing! so after all the day ended up pretty good!!

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