Nobody loves me!!! Preciuos moments

Have you ever said what little lamb said

when she stumbled and fell and banged up his head??

“Nobody loves me!” that’s what he said.

Then he cried when he felt the big knot on his head.

“Nobody loves me! Nobody cares!”

Little Lamb grumbled when he tumbled downstairs.

Later he stumbled over a root,

And a very sharp thorn stuck in his foot.

Before he could cry,a gaggle of geese

Honked and chased him and pecked at his fleece.

And then a big bull, a obnoxious fellow,

bellowed a horrendous, earthshaking bellow.

This bull chased the lamb,snorting and puffing,

till it looked like he’d knock out the scared lamb’s stuffing.

So now don’t you know, don’t you see

why little lamb said, “Nobody loves me”??

I’m sure you’ll admit,I’m sure you’ll agree

that lamb had a right to say, “Nobody loves me!”

And maybe, just maybe,that’s what you’ll say

when you get into trouble sometimes later today.

But look! There is someone who heard the lamb say

what he said when his troubles fell on him today.

Now what do you think that poor lamb wold do

when the shepherd says softly, “I love you!”

Do you ever cry, “Nobody loves me”?

And you sob so hard you can’t even see??

whenever you do, I hope you will say,

“There’s a Shepherd beside me who loves me each day.”

Didn’t it just touch your heart huh??? Well I hope you like it bye!


10 thoughts on “Nobody loves me!!! Preciuos moments

  1. uum you guys don’t make fun because i did a lot of mistakes because i was train to do it super fast because my time was almost done so yea that’s all i wanted to tell you guys ok???

  2. FLO!you need to post like ooh that’s so sweet or ooh poor little sheep

  3. Misty says:

    Uuum why does she need to post that?? Annie you really need to work on your ortografia by the way…

  4. Flo says:

    Ok, ok, THATS SO SWEEEETT!!hahahaha……..

  5. SO HO CARES anyways they understand me. Ho is with me say I.

  6. Uuumm annie you say “who” not “ho”
    and I didn’t understand you ….

  7. well I actually did but you should still work on it…

  8. you don’t say did you say well actually I did you see Annie knows best jajaja jk.

  9. Windy says:

    :o…….I don’t know what to think…. ummmm I got tootaally confused in that last comment…….arrrrhhhgg!!

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