Pray because Dawn (Lena’s mum) broke her wrist… so bad that her bone came out… I know I know it sounds freaky!! I was the only one there to see her fall down and I was only ganna help her get up when I see her clutching her hand and it was twisted.. TWISTED! I felt faint and short of breath!! Seriously!!I had never seen anything like it!! (even uglier than annie’s broken leg and all of esteban’s injuries) I was like OMG!! then some people started coming around her and some of the workers there started checking her arm (oh by the way this happened when we went  ice scanting) and since they saw me there just paralyzed they figured I came with her so they asked me if I did and I said “si” so they told me to call my dad (uumm I guess they thought I was her daughter) and I said “ok” so just then lena and sunny came so I told lena to CALL HER DAD!!! and she quickly went to tell him and I went to… then alex and windy came along and the people told windy they were going to take her to the first aid place they had there… so her an uncle Phil went while we took our skates off then one of the workers came and told us that “our dad” wanted us to go to the first aid place… so we did… then he told us they they ganna take her to the hospital and windy was going to go with her and that we would catch up… so off we went I could barely breath we were going like super fast trying to get to the car as quickly as possible… then we arrived at the hospital… by then uncle Phil had phoned the home (and that’s when cel phones come in handy) so we waited while uncle Phil tried to figure out what was happening after a while windy came and sat down with us (the good thing was that there was a documentary there to entertain us) so finally uncle Phil came back and told us that they wre ganna operate  aunty Dawn and that gabe (alex’s dad) was ganna come pick us up (and by the way did I forget to mention that alex LOVES food??) so when he finished explaining alex pops in to the conversation and asks ” what about the sandwiches that aunty dawn brought for us????” There was silence in the room and I almost broke out laughing but I controled myself and just allowed myself to say “ALEX!!!” which by the way everybody said that at the same time… and as I was about to say something like “alex how could you think of food right now?!?!”(and uncle Phil must have known I was ganna say something like that) Because he looked at me and just said “it’s ok” and he told alex that they were in the car so he couldn’t get them right now.

So finally uncle gabe came and uncle Phil went for the sandwiches and we ate them on the way home.

Well people this is the moral of this tragic storie:

When you fall down don’t (EVER) trust that your hand will help you out (because it won’t)… it will just brake (especially when your older (like aunty dawn) because your bones are more fragile)

So the reason why I told you all this was so that you can keep her in her prayers because even right now she’s still in the hospital and this happened around an hour an a half ago… not that long but still… Oh well I gtg do dishes (sigh) so bye bye!!


5 thoughts on “Please…

  1. Flo says:

    :O!!!! No way!! I Will pray for her!!

  2. Misty says:

    Yeah she really needs it…
    has any of you had any accidents lately??

  3. Windy says:

    Oh, pleeeaaase…..this wasn’t dramatic… all…….

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