A view from mine eyes….

WOAHHH! Powerful title!!

So yeah, this is me, and how I see my sisters….

Sunny: That quiet person, always sitting on the back row, just dying to make new friends yet scared to take the first step. A little gem that if you just discover is crak alakin!! (umm, not joking…plug your ears!!) That person that is totally screwed from the “norm” like: Hate makeup, doesn’t like to read yet loves it if you read her stories. The sometimes lazy girl, (not as in lazy, lazy, but just not wanting to do things….know what I mean? The one that laughs if you fart or burp. The one you can’t describe with a whole lot of words, and yet, the one you can’t describe with a few either. The one whose face captivates you because it is interesting. That person that keeps every little thing, from wrapping paper, to seeds, to…anything really…..! The one that really puts her everything into it when it comes to dancing in front of other people (I’m so proud of her!) The perfectionist, the one who likes to wear clothes that are…her. That person that likes piano, loves crazy dogs, is the one to figure out what and how to bake and is able to make it come out good. Is good at football and loves to swim. Like…WHEN DID ALL THAT EVER GO TOGETHER?!?!?!!?

Misty: Another out of the norm girl….though, more how do you say it? Like, she “goes” more than Sunny. Example: Is that loud person that speaks her thoughts (umm, has gotten her into trouble more than once) makes friends in a flash, is a little into herself, those kind of people you could imagine as popular. Yet add this to the mix: She likes to cook, read, take care of kids, moves soooo little when she dances and people actually look at her (I know, weird.) has that handwriting that reeeaaally needs work on, is amazingly fast in her school, is those crazy girls that “say” they don’t like dresses, yet when you see them in one you’re like, “pleeeaaase…… She loves violin, is that kind of person you just know is behind every crash and bang, can be glued to her MP3 some days, hours on end. Dislikes almost anything artistic except music,.Is the one that thinks spiritual is linked to corny, (yeah, needs to learn….) The one that tries to be older than she really is, the one you can talk to about guys and be understood. The one that likes to help when there is a need, (a need that for her is a need necessary and worthy of great help)  Is that crazy girl who you just imagine with any guy possible, (Really! Not that it WILL be that way…you can just, imagine it…..I don’t know…..) and that person that can make you laugh, really, really laugh……when they want you to…

Annie: A little young to decide what exactly she is yet….but this is what I know so far……(another weird mix that makes a wonderful recepie!) Here we go: She doesn’t like to read, loves stories, but not reading them. Is just one of those pretty girls. Is good at handcrafts. Doesn’t like guitar, piano, or any instrument……that I know of…….. loves Father Knows Best. Is one of those silly persons, always looking for a way to get you to laugh. Can be a grumpy and super sensitive. Is the only one in our family that can do a split, is that cute little sister that you are trying to bother, tickle or tackle and will surprise you with a big bear hug and an “Ooooh, I love you tooo!!!” which tootally works in disarming you every time….darn!
Is that person that will probably point her finger at me and tell me, “OH! You just said darn!! I’m telling mom!” and you have to explain…..”No Annie, darn isn’t a bad word…..it’s a western word……etc.”  Is that person I cried for when she broke her leg, is that one you can get so mad at, and immediately forgive. The one that always says, “I’m not good at anything!!” but yet, you know….oooh, you know!…..

So that is my sisters, lovely batch of all flavors that, mixed together, make a yummy desert!


13 thoughts on “A view from mine eyes….

  1. Aaawww I luv mine!! You TOTALLY know me better than myself!!!
    I actually laughed at mine!! I mean who would ever think that I would laugh at myself!!!

  2. Nah mine was the best and Windy i so know myself better than you do i do like instruments i like one of the hardest things to play it is the HARP so you see i totally now better than you guys do and you guys say that you know me as good as i know my self you see tada.

  3. Flo says:

    Aha!! Windy, you described everyone PRETTY GOOD!! exept that Annie likes the Harp………..I mean you didnt know that?? Oh yeah, someone, A.K.A , Misty, Sunny, or Annie, you need to describe Windy capeesh?? And yeah, I remember Misty or me always had to read to Sunny and Annie…………….

  4. yah I remember that to!! ok ok I’ll try but I’m not very good at describing…

  5. And they look at me because im soooo purty!!! jajajjajaa

  6. Windy says:

    Pshhh! Well, gosh!!! I mean, she doesn’t even touch her harp anymore!!! So, I thought she didn’t like it anymore!
    But Annie, besides that, admit, that described you pretty well!

  7. Windy says:

    Misty if that’s you saying all those comments you need to add “Misty” at the end, since after all, this blog is for 4 girls!! So you need to know who is talking!

  8. Flo says:


  9. NO! Because you should know because everybody puts their name at the end except me… so now you know that the one that doesn’t have a name at the end is ME!! OK!?!?!

  10. ok so wtv i am not to young i am only 1 year and half younger than misty so beat that. hahaha.
    you know who

  11. Ok wtv annie… your still THE youngest!! Jaja so beat THAT!!

  12. 2wildwindyheart says:

    Hey, girls. As your older sister (ahhhh I love myself!…and being able to say that!!!) I think you should STOP arguing. I described you as I saw fit (which is almost perfect) END OF STORY.
    THE END okay?
    heee 😛

  13. Ummm and girls…..like WHEN??? are you going to describe ME?????
    Tap, tap, tap, tap…..I’m waiting!
    (and you’d better keep it nice….cuz I was nice to you!)

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