Ummmm, that’s miracle spelled like if I was singing it….

I knoooooooow!!! OMG, I feel so bad you guys!! I never, hardly, ever write on this blog……it’s killing me! (pfft, yeah, OBVIOUSLY not literally…but!) I promise, I think, to be more faithful okay? AMEN?? Haleluja!

This is like, weird. Every time I start writing here I have this urge to write, so randomly….. gosh!! This blog has powers! Anyway, just had to say HI!!!! HI!! HI!!!!

Ahhhh, my loves!! How I have missed you! (ummm not sure if the feeling is mutual…in anycase…..)

Well, let’s see, what have I been up to that’s interesting…….Oh, OH!!! I GOT IT!!

DUUUDE! Like, freak out okay?? My goal was like, to finish 10th grade before my 16th birthday…..(OMG, just saying that number makes me shudder…oooohooohoooo) Pfft! Yeah, suuuuure……sigh……okay, so now my goal is a teeny bit more realistic and I have settled to finish it by May. Sounds like a plan??

Okay, the second thing is: I have had like this really compelling feeling to dye my hair black, I really wanted to…..(and I think I still do…) but after just looking at my hair in the mirror yesterday, I just fell in love with it again…..brown is just…..so cozy….

Third thing is: This is supposed to be a sisterly blog. And I’m having a difficult time deciding what to write that is ….well, sisterly.(wait, I just got an idea!)

Fourth thing is: My room is super messy, and I don’t feel like cleaning it……

Fifth thing is: I am overly traumatized about turning 16, and I have NO idea why! This is like, new to me! HEEELPP!

Sixth thing: I have absolutely fallen in love with Irish music……ahhhh……..

And finally the seventh thing is: I can’t think of a seveth thing……..


3 thoughts on “MIIIRIIICLEEEE!

  1. Flo says:

    Hahhahaa Windy, you are sooooo random!! And Irish?? Well yeah, its actually pretty cool!

  2. Windy says:


  3. 2wildwindyheart says:

    I know right who ever dosent like Irish music is cwasy!!!!

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