Things that I miss about you guys!!!

so here’s some thing’s that i miss about the Juarez home……

  1. Uncle Joseph i miss you because you were so funny in praise times and you danced really funny to (No offense)
  2. Aunt Sarah because you wold always tees uncle Josue and because of your patience.
  3. Aunt Faithy because you reminded us always to be so proper.
  4. Uncle Josue fore being fun and even for letting us put orange peals on your cookie.
  5. David for downloading movies for us and for downloading programs in our comp.
  6. Jp for letting us use your Ds sometimes and starting the hole thing about our lands.
  7. Esteban for being funny wen we got you mad and for also for holding your anger at us ( I know that we sometimes got you really mad and I’m sorry)
  8. And Florence for playing with us barbies and for being so funny wen we played and for being such a good friend and encouraging me wen i felt bad and for being my friend even if i got you really annoyed.
  9. Katrina for always accepting that if you lost that you just kept playing and for being funny too.
  10. Natalie A for being so pretty ( I was quite jealous of you and Natalie J too)
  11. Natalie J for being such a good friend of Natalie J and for acting so mature in a way.
  12. Jonathan for being so talkative all the time and which was funny because boy’s don’t talk that much.
  13. And Elena for being the baby of the home (No worries Elena I’m the youngest of the home that can talk)

3 thoughts on “Things that I miss about you guys!!!

  1. Flo says:

    Oh, so sweet Annie!! Though you didnt really Annoy me anytime……exept for once…….when you told me that I couldnt use a broom for the front patio because it was for the house and you mom told you not to, and you used the broom for the Perritas the next day!! Hahhaha it actually seems pretty funny now that I think of it………..I could have gotten annoyed at things of more importance than a broom!! Hahahha, I love you’s!! Muah!!:*

  2. Windy says:

    HAHAHA LOVE IT!!! The youngest in our home…..that talks!????? ahahaha score! Oh, and don’t worry, I’ll fix up the grammar for you!

  3. well it’s Sunny’s fault she told me that I got you really annoyed but you and me were best friends because we didn’t argue.

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