Some things I would want!!!

here are some things that I want to happen

  1. Have a best friend (No worries Flo you will still be my best friend)
  2. have more kids come to our home
  3. have a harp and learn how to play it
  4. that the Juarez home comes to visit us
  5. have more fellowship of kids our age
  6. learn how to Irish dance (It’s just totally awesome)
  7. cut my hare in capas

I know it’s not much but I really don’t know what else.


4 thoughts on “Some things I would want!!!

  1. Hah, yea, well…….I thought you already had a harp? And Irish dance?? I perfer Irish SONG…. Like in the movie of Sherlock Holmes that they have awesome music…though I am not so sure if its Irish…and…….I hope we can visit toooo!!!

  2. ugh Irish dance??? Wha…??? Weird!! well i guess if you like it…

  3. yea I hope we or you can visit soon.

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