What we did today… 15th of January of 2010….

Ok well to start off I want to warn you that this time I’m ganna do my day with a little more detail than I usually do ok?

Well this is how it started… :

I woke up hearing noises I opened my eyes and saw sunny getting ready (oh btw whoever is on breakfast gets up before the rest so that she can start breakfast sooner) so I closed my eyes and went back to sleep. Then I woke up again hearing the alarm but as everybody usually says I said… “Ugh just a little more…” but that little more became around half an hourthen I woke up agoin hearing sunny say “GIRLS!!!”  I was like “Oh no” so sunny left and I told annie “Lets just get dressed and do our hair” she said “ok” so when we were done we went to the dinnig room and eat fried eggs. When I was done I was still a little hungry so I did myself some chcolate milk shake and put some cereal in it. After I was done I went to tell Linnette that she was with us in devotions. So we had our devotions which were “XN!!!” Yay! After that we went to do our JJT’s which mine was “Dinning room”  (btw dinning room and kitched are seperate in JJT’s). After that we got raedy for school which mine was “Math!” Then at 11 we went for a half an hour recess so I did a sanwich with a Baggle, ham and chesse (if you don’t know what a baggle is it’s kindda like a donut except it’s not sweet it’s bigger and it tastes like white bread. Then when I was done I went outside and along with lena, sunny and annie we played in the trampoline until my mum called us back to school. Since I finished school early my mum asked me to unhang some close so I did. When I was done I went and rode my bike (well actually my dads bike) until it was lunch time. We ate heart (I think it’s cows heart) and it’s SUPER good!!  After when I was done eating I went and started seeing some pics and remembering the good old times… then my mum came and told me she had to use the  laptop so I had to get off. So I went to my room layed down on my bed and started listening to my mp3 until like 5 minutes later sunny and cielo came in and started playing volley ball with a plastick bag with cotton inside (I know weird) until like 10 minutes after I told them “Why don’t you play with the volley ball instead?” (which btw they gave some volley balls (Well they weren’t real volley balls but like those uumm plastic ones u know??) so they did and played that for like half an hour (and yes I was still laying down on my bed) but then annie came in and started playing with them “El Gato” wich I think is called “Monkey in the middle” (at least that’s how cielo called it) until like 5 minutes later the ball went flying off to the side of sunny’s bed so cielo went over to get it and then said “Oh that’s just SICK!! I put my hand on pee!!!” (yes the dogs sleep and are in the room so that’s probably why) so she went to wash off her hand when she came back they did sandwich (sunny at the bottom annie in the middle and cielo ant the top) then they got off and kept on playing their little game (and yes I was still on my bed) until finally I got bored and asked them “Hey girls do you want to play a board game?” and they said yes so while cielo went for the board game I went and fixed us a snack (chocolate milk with cereal inside)  then I came back and we started playing our game until 3:45 or something then we went out for Get Out which lena, alex, sunny, cielo and annie played birdie while I just had a craving that day for bicycle so I just rode a bike… then the guyz got bored of playing birdie and went to the trampoline to play dodge ball with the plastic balls (or the volley balls) but since I had that craving for the bicycle I kept on riding it. Until at last the girls pleaded me to come played with them so I did. After that we came inside and I started to post on my blog (you know the first part of this post?) until my mum told me to get of and help annie find the Little House on the Prairie CD so we watched it until dinner was ready.  Which was Spaghetti. Then for family time we watched The Lord of the Dance. Well I gtg bye bye!!


6 thoughts on “What we did today… 15th of January of 2010….

  1. Flo says:

    HEart??!!!??!! Eww……well who knows? I havent eaten it yet..
    think it tastes like white bread but wtv 🙂
    Maaannn I wanna make my OWN breakfast!!!!AHHH!!And you finnally posted!!! YAYs for you!! g2g now since JP wants to put something on the Ds…..Byes!! Later!!

  2. Ugh!! Tell JP that if he keeps on doing that I’m ganna torture him when we see each other again!!! oH AND BTW heart is Super yummy!

  3. Flo says:

    Hahaha OK I will tell Jps!! Yah, some things that sound or look gross actually taste good!!! For instance, My Aunt made Pork chops that taste sooooooo Delish!!

  4. Awesome!! What are yah ganna tell JP?

  5. Ohy i c… jajajaja i c!! Ok that’s fine with me!! hehe

  6. Flo says:

    Hahahhaa yeah thats what I meant 🙂

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