Ok I know it’s not new years or something’ but I found it in the January Activated so here it is..!!

This year…
I’ll take more time to laugh and smile,
To feel the wind upon my face,
To learn true wisdom from a child,
Give my soul the needed space,
To live life pure and clear…
…this year.

This year…
I’ll learn to turn off my computer,
Interact with human beings,
Spend less time in online stupor,
More time learning, breathing, seeing
All that life holds dear…
…this year.

This year…
I will resolve to write that letter
That I have too long neglected,
Make an aching heart feel better,
Cheer a friend who feels dejected,
Bring someone some cheer…
…this year.

This year…
I’ll not be hijacked by my deadlines,
Or imprisoned by ambitions.
Or let dismal, gloomy headlines
Dictate my heart’s disposition.
I’ll choose faith, not fear…
…this year.

This year…
I’ll see the struggling flower beneath
The hard, frosty exterior
Of one who lets frustration seethe
Because they feel inferior.
I’ll try to draw them near…
…this year.

This year…
No high-and-mighty resolutions
Fit for presidents and kings.
I’ll start a quiet revolution,
Seek these simple loving things
Above wealth or career…
…this year.


2 thoughts on “Resolutions

  1. Flo says:

    Oh, in the Activated? I dont think we read it yet…..
    I am turning of the computer right now to interact with human beings…FINAL!!!

  2. ok… WEIRD! hehe. Yah activated.

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