My date of Birth!

Ok so today we went to the “Zocalo” (which is the center of Jiutepec… where we live) and there was this post that had different necklaces with symbols on them so sunny was like “whats that?” so the guy answered that it was what the dates of when we were born meant in Mayan (which is a mexican culture) so he said do you want to know what your name means and I said yes so here it is:

The date in mayan is called “Aj”

It means: Armadillo (I know I know but… hey… what can you do about it??)

And people that are born that day are usually like this:”The people born in this day like to do things right. And that is why other people find it hard to make them change their mind. They are also stuborn and hard headed (uu ain’t that the truth…).  They are also know as homie type of people and family is very important to them.

Well that’s a discription of me, ladies and gentlemen. Oh well I gtg so see yah!!


3 thoughts on “My date of Birth!

  1. Flo says:

    Hahaha yeah very stubborn are you not? Hahahha

  2. yes i am VERY stubborn!! hehe don’t you remember??? gosh!! geesh!

  3. Gaby Farr says:

    that is very interesting WIndy! Do you have something else on that topic.. I mean, when this guy explain you that did he explain to you about any other sign? Just curious…

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