I’m back!!!!

“Oh, NOOOOooooooooo!”…..

ermmm….. yeah, that’s probably what many of you are thinking right now. But the Lord says!!…..he says….. THE LORD SAYS!…..ehhh……Love… your….enemies….?….

Okay, well, as amazing as it seems, no…. I have not come here to be random!!! (what’a miracle huh?)

Okay, so what I have come to tell you all is (no, not that!! yeeeah, I know…..I haven’t been very faithful, but that’s not it)

  • We GOT OUR COSTUMES!!! They’re super duper cute! We will definitely have to show you how they look….some time in the near future.
  • WE’RE HAVING CHICKEN FOR DINNERRRRR!!!….(Ooops…..MAAAN! I wasn’t supposed to be random!…….sorry guys! I’m trying my best okay?!?)

Anyway, that’s basically about it for now. Oh, yeah, yesterday I drew like, this amazing drawing. (cool huh?) hahaha Okay, more specifically a pregnant mommy! She looks really gooood…..if I do say so myself! TYJ!!! Her eyes are my favorite….looks like she actually has makeup on! I’ll have to post her too…..some time during hopefully not-to-long life span here on earth…

AHEM! Okay, so I think I’d better stop before I get TOO RANDOM!

(Hey, by the way, did you guys ever notice the sky is blue?)


11 thoughts on “I’m back!!!!

  1. Sky??? Blue?? ok that’s just WEIRD!! well I guess it isn’t relly weird for us here because it’s been raining for 4 WHOLE DAYS!! Gosh!! Seriously VERY annoying!! HEHE

  2. Flo says:

    Oh, show me the new costumes!! Ima!Now!Pronto! (I think I am too excited!)

  3. Flo says:

    Oh and Hahah WIndy….Love your enemies?? I am probably one of the only persons who read this blog! Well Shannon and Nicole too… but your considering us your ENEMIES???!!!???!! AHAHAH JK!!! But its funny 😀
    To me at least 😀
    i know….Im weeirrrddd…no need to say it 😀
    Oh well anyhoo…You posted!! Yay!! Hahah well managing four blogs is tough stuff 😀
    Oh Misty! YOu havent posted in a while!! Too busy commenting on other peoples blogs?? Anyway…just a reminder eh? Well gtg b4 my eyes burn out! Bye! This is sounding like a letter 😀

  4. haha…..noooo I meant you guys loving me…it was the only Bible verse I could think of….. I was stressin’!!!

  5. mom says:

    Hahahaha OooOH! Hahahaha

  6. Well yah im sry but what do you want me to post??!@?!?! aill try to post about the show… later… yeah… maybe… jeje
    _misty duh!

  7. mom says:

    Hahaha yeah…I run out of ideas all the time…be creative flo!

  8. Windy says:

    Yeah MOM! ….or should I say, FLOOO! YOU FORGOT AGAIN!!! MUAHAHAHAHA!!!

  9. Flo says:


  10. mom?? is it flos mum or my mum?? im really confused here!!

  11. huh???forth time already??? are you talking about candy??

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