“I made cake”

These  are some of  the cakes I did (ehem) of course jaja jk

NO ….serious. Make sure  your slobber doesn’t  fall ok?

This is the Wacky Cake or Crazy Cake

I’m sooooo sorry you guys it was too tempting…. sorry! (Not really but….  it was sooo good)

and  this is the Mississippi Mud Cake

I resisted the Devil….except for Misty she bit it right in the corner…….tatatataaan (you know that scary music)!!!! .


7 thoughts on ““I made cake”

  1. ok that is pretty random!(very very random)but it looks really goooooooooooooood and it tasted really good(even do i didn’t eat the firs one!anyway see you later!BYE!!

  2. i didn’t eat the firs one beacuse sunny 8 it alll 😦 😦 cielo

  3. jaja sry i just couldnt resist… you know me… im a food lover… who knows why im not fat!!!… seriously! enybody who knows me would think the same!! right????? jaja
    -misty (of course!!)

  4. Flo says:

    Hahaha randommmm!!! Though it actually looks yummy 😀

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