Different pics…

Ok so since some ppl have been telling me that this blog REALLY needs some pics… im ganna post some!! ok? so here they are!! :

Our new show costumes!!

LR: Annie, Sunny, Cielo, Windy and ME!

Other different foolish pics…

Linnete, Widny and Annie!


Drooping over some random guy…

And one last pics of the show costumes…

And tha;s it for today! Bye!


5 thoughts on “Different pics…

  1. Flo says:

    Oh I didnt see the last show costume pic….Windy, Linnete, and Annie look so funny 😀

  2. Gaby Farr says:

    windy looks dum wen we are looking at a guy

  3. windy says:

    EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! MISTYYYYYYY!!! I’m going to kill youuuU@

  4. WHAAAATTT!?!??!?!?! because i put the pic of you drooling over some random guy??? its awesome! especially cas i took the pic!!! jajaja
    p.s. its not like i could make you look any more weird than you already did with the lemons.. soooo… yah! beat that!!

  5. So yah like the costumes???? pro huh?? show em to yar mum!!

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