Other different pics…

So here they are! :

Me and Lena!

My Dad and Uncle Mark

All the Team!!

Our little Angel

Me and Annie cooking waffles in some random day…


Me Sunny and Horsie! (big smile huh?)

Ice Cream!


Well that’s it for today… again… annie is bugging me to get off because “mommy said so!” so I gtg! Bye!


6 thoughts on “Other different pics…

  1. I wasn’t bugging you and Lena is closing her eyes and memo looks as if was going to fall down…

  2. Flo says:

    In the pic with Annie in a wig….she kinda reminds me of Martin 😀
    Well not really but kinda……woah at first I thought that was Sunnys real hair!! Hahahaha big smile for u but not for sunny….I guess she didnt know you were going to take a picture? WQoah yeah and in the “Horsie”picture, you look like you gained weight 😀 😀
    Uncle Steven with his clown face 😀
    they are just missing my dad in the middle.
    Isnt that last picture pretty old?? Well gtg….its my moms rest day.

  3. Windy says:

    You look like Susy in the Horse pic!

  4. yea I actually do look like Martin!!!

  5. You weirdo!! Flo!! The buffet pic the horsie and the ice cream are all the same time… and the horsie pic was before we came here!! and thats because of the shirt… ok?
    -misty (duh)

  6. Gaby Farr says:

    OMG!!!I look like Brian ghasp
    you know how

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