Ok so I’ve got news!! Good ones.. that is… :

  1. Were ganna go bowling tomorrow!
  2. After bowling were ganna come back and swim!!
  3. Were ganna have a barbecue (that same day!!)
  4. Then were ganna watch a movie!!
  5. so.. yah its kindda like… aparty day? yah PARTY DAY!!
  6. And one more cool thing is that… Noella, Uncle Mark, Aunty Maria, Memo, and Martyn are coming back today! (they had gone for a visa trip to the states since… January… so yah we had all become good friends and they had to leave!! so finally their coming back!!! yay!)

So yah that’s all the big news for today! So see yah!

p.s. if we take pics tommorow ill post them ok? ok! (well i hope… if windy doesn’t win me and put them on hers first!! humph! oh well  byes!)


3 thoughts on “YAY!!!

  1. Flo says:

    OH so cool! Hah I would rock the world if I were there bowling..Jk I dont play so goo….Of course we play good with the walls but I dont use them…..last time I played I only got like sixty five 😦
    Have fun!!

  2. jaja! txs! u aint ganna have anything for that day??

  3. Flo says:

    Umm probably not 😦

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