Ok so yesterday I wasn’t able to post or be on the computer so I’m just ganna  tell u today what happened yesterday… Ok?:

So me and annie woke up at 7:00 (sunny woke up before cus she had to do breakfast). I had some fried eggs ham and some hot chocolate with some coffee (I know your thinking “WHAT?! When she could have anything for breakfast she wants to eat eggs?? Well YAH! I luv eggs!! I’m an egg lover! Woohhoo!) anyways after that we went to alex’s room for devo’s with his dad.

Then we came back (to the main house) and started doing our JJT’s which mine is… Yard (which is picking up the dog poop and picking up the trash) (and can u imagine how gross that is when u have a big Labrador as a dog…) so yah not nice…

Then we had to have school! But since my parents and Windy were having the feast thinggy we had to do it by ourselves so I was actually supposed to do math that day but instead I did Science which is what I’m supposed to do today ( so yah that means i did math today).

Then we had recess (at 11:00) which I did some orange juice and a jam and cheese sandwich (yuuuummmy!) After I think we played in the trampoline I’m not sure… I don’t remember… hehe.

Then more school! But since I finished soon I started drawing these girls… yah weird… but flo and I started this thinggy about drawing some girls… but I really dont wanna get into details so yah…

Then we had lunch… I don’t remember what we had! Gosh! I reeeaaallly got a bad memory! Freak out! Anyways yah… then it’s QT (Quite Time) and we played with the K-nex.

After we had to have these singing classes that are so boring… well of course for me that’s boring but i guess it really isn’t so yah the point is that were having some singing lessons with this cd that this super good singer and guitarist in the family gave windy (he’s called… mmhhh i dont remember… hehe).

Then we went swimming! yay! So we played (me, cielo and annie) (sunny didnt play with us cus she was reading this book) anyways… one of the games we were playing is that we (cielo and me) had to try to catch annie before she grabbed all of our floatese (or wtv u call them… like a dolphin a donut… or buggie boards… if thats how u call them) then while I was ganna get annie (she was near the stairs) I kicked my foot and Ouch! I hit one of my toes in a shrp part of the stairs! It didn’t hurt at first and i checked it but couldn’t see anything so I left annie with cielo and started swimming but each time I would kick my foot it would feel as if a little of my skin was going up and down on my toe… so I finally stopped and checked it again and saw it was bleeding! Yikes! So since cielo saw me there sitting she came over and saw my cut.

Right then windy had come so I asked her to bring a band-aid and by the time she came back there was a little puddle of l under my foot… anyways… I’m getting to dramatic here! So i dried of my foot and put the band-aid on… the only good thing was that… I DIDIN”T HAVE TO TAKE A SHOWER!! yay!

So I kindda had to woblble for the rest of the day…

Then we had dinner: This super yummy meat (kindda like carne asada) and tortillas. Then we had a cake and stories in honor of Fishers B-day (cielo’s dad).

Then we went to alex’s room and watched a Little House on the Prairie and then… went to bed.

So yup that’s how my day went yesterday! Pretty exciting huh? hehe

P.s. Me and linnete did Fisher’s cake! Which by the way was chocolate cake! Yum!


4 thoughts on “Yesterday…

  1. Flo says:

    Cool!Yes I can imagine how that is because we also have a big dog….DAISY so I know what you mean……and she destroys EVERYTHING thats in front of her……so I know how you feel 😀
    oh yes Angel is asking for ur yahoo….is it Anyways here is Angels hotmail*
    sooo he is asking you to add him!

  2. ok
    nope my email is
    close but not right! hehe

    p.s. dont u mean instead of

  3. Windy says:

    Oh gosh! Dama Drama!
    Yep, that day was pretty fun!
    Misty, you need to stop talking (ehhh writing!) so fake and negga….the idea is super good, but have a better lingo!

  4. its not fake! and wtv its not like you never talk like that!! gosh!

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