Water fight!!!

so it all started:

We were in lunch and all the adults had left so me,Lynette,Windy,Lena,Sunny,Alex and Cielo so then I started pinching Lynette’s cheeks and then she said that if I didn’t stop she was going to throw me in the pool. I’m like “whatever!” and  I continued so then Windy was drinking water and then splashed me with her it!

I got a full cup and was going to throw it on her so she ran outside and the we ran to the tennis court and then she tried to get back inside the house but I splashed her with the water before she could get in. BUT then… Linette got a bucket full of water and splashed it on me and Cielo! (btw Cielo is my helper)

It was quiet time now so then I went to our room and then went to see Lena and Alex playing x-box. When quiet time was over Windy came and said “hey Annie come see what fluffy is doing its so cool” (By that time I had forgotten) so I went outside and then Lynette (who was hiding behind the trailer) splashed me with a bucket FULL of water!

I chased them but then they wet to Laura’s room I’m like GRR but then Cielo came out and said “hey need some help?” I’m like, sure!

So we filed up buckets of water and waited and waited and they didn’t come out so we asked Leila if she could tell Windy if she could take care of Ju Ju because she needed to get something and she couldn’t take him she’s like “maybe …” and then I said that we will make her 3 orange juices she’s like “That will do.”

“So will you go?”

She’s like, “No!”

We were begging her and  begging her her, “PLEEEAAASE?”  But she said no.


So Cielo went to the room and told Windy that Dawn wanted to talk to her and Lena but she didn’t believe it, grrrr!

After a while though Windy came out, but she saw we were going to splash her so she ran into the living room.

We all ran to the living room and then with the help of our team which was Lena,Alex,Sunny,Cielo and me we got her outside and got her wet! So then we started this huge water fight (to hard to explain) that was super fun! In the end we jumped in the pool and the water was like so warm and then that is basically it so bye!


7 thoughts on “Water fight!!!

  1. Flo says:

    Hahahah poor Windy!!Oh cool, you guys have a X-box?? Did you know Chris got a Wii?? Your patio is like HUGE right?? Im sooooo Jealous 😛

  2. jaja!! Windy started it so I needed to revenge so there!!

  3. Flo says:

    Nooooo its WAYYY BETTER than an X-box….way better quality and stuff

  4. Angel says:

    POOR WINDY…when I go I want to do a water fight……i wil get my two guns

  5. Misty says:

    ohh!! I c cool we need to chat soon….

  6. Jaja cute angel! aaww i miss u! angel! ya me acceptaste en tu correo?? porque ya te invite…

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