Nikky is here!

Now, is that awesome, OR IS THAT AWESOME!?????

It’s awesome!

And she gets to be with us for a whooooole weeek! EEEEKK! (Hey! That rymed!…nice!)

I hope she survives….

Yeeeah….she will.

Part of the family you know?

…..she has too.

And yes, it’s me….your forever and ever hardly-ever-posts-in-this-blog-girl…..sigh…..

GUYS! I’m so sorry…please do forgive.

Love you for eva and eva!…..I think…..

Yeah, I do. Don’t freak out.

-ME! (ahem as in AKA: Windy)


One thought on “GUUUUYS!

  1. Flo says:

    Ohhh soo cool!!NO, windy, not you!! :P-

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