2 day old, William is in a very serious condition. He has what is called Epidermolysis bullosa or also commonly known as the Butterfly disease. This sickness causes his skin to open up in blisters similar to a 3rd degree burn whenever any sort of friction (including touch) is applied to his skin.

So please, keep him in your prayers as many children don’t survive this disease because the pain is very severe and they can’t handle it, and the ones that do… well, this sickness is for life, which means the sores are for life.
Please, please, please pray that the Lord will do a miracle and completely heal him from this disease even though there is not a cure and nothing doctors can do, we have the best doctor in the whole universe!
But also, if it’s His will for this little baby boy to go back with him, that it will be very easy for Anim and Ezra.

So please, I join this prayer chain and re-post this in your own blog and send it to your email contacts. United prayer has amazing power, so let’s do all we can to see this miracle through!


One thought on “URGENT PRAYER REQUEST!!!

  1. oops I didint notis that windy hade already posted this o well…….
    WINDY I’m going to kill you GRRRRR

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