The Awkward Situation Survival Guide

Awkward silence

You are talking to an acquaintance or having dinner with your coworkers.  The conversation suddenly comes to a crossroads and no one knows where to steer it.  The silence has extended past the 6-second mark and the awkwardness is increasing exponentially.  Worst of all, you were the last person to speak, so everyone thinks the awkwardness is your fault.

The Solution:  Sudden, loud noise

You are having a great time, talking loudly, feeling like the life of the party.  You are soaring on wings of confidence.  You get a little too bold.  Something offensive slips out.
Now everyone is staring at you and your confidence implodes like a punctured balloon.  Suddenly you can’t find anything to say.  You are nothing.  You are dirt.  Your soul is soaking up shame like a sponge and you are beginning to weigh the value of your friendships against the magnitude of your embarrassment.
The Solution: Confuse…

... or redirect…


One thought on “The Awkward Situation Survival Guide

  1. Flo says:

    Hey, I saw this on someones blog the other day…i have no idea who though, I was just clicking links…

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