HAPPY B-DAY!!!(party)

Guess what everybody someone really pretty and special is turning 13 you HEAR ME 13(gosh your old :p) so happy b-day Florencha have a super time with out us I know its going to be hard but still have a good time anyways……Flo your totally AWESOME,COOL AND BEAUTIFUL haha I remember that once you told us that you didn’t want to come to Mexico because they weird those big HATS and we are like WHAT….That had nothing to do with the subject but ohh well.

flo happy birth day annddd I cant wait to go to Juarez and see all of you…ok bye soo long fair well I need to say goood byeeeee GOOD BYEEEEE…see you soon


2 thoughts on “HAPPY B-DAY!!!(party)

  1. Flo says:

    Aww thanks Annie, so sweet! Dont worry I will have the party when u guys come over…hahaha so funny! Yeah totally cant wait till you guys come…thanks for calling!

  2. Misty says:

    Oh ur TOTALLY welcome flo! my pleasure! 😛

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