Freaky Thirteen….


Okay, so I imagine by now you’ve probably guessed it’s me (a.k.a. Windy-the-never-ever-poster-of-this-blog) who’s writing this post….

What!?!? You hadn’t!?!?!

Awww maaan….

Well, SORPRESA! That’s right here I am. Miracle of miracles.
Ahem, so yes. The subject of this post is: MISTY! Because, in case you didn’t know (which you probably did unless  you’re a meanie heeee) it was her BIRTHDAY!
But not just any birthday, HER FRIGGIN’ THIRTEENTH BIRTHDAY!!!

Whoaaaaah! Oy! GEEESH! GOSH!  Two sisters already entered into the teenage years… one more to go…

DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW THAT MAKES ME FEEL!???….errr… you probably know and don’t want to know 😀

But ahem, this post is not about me.



So where was I? OHHHH! Yes, that’s right.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISTY! Even though it’s really, days after… BUT that’s good! (don’t you DARE look at me like that!) IT IS! Cuz look, now you’ve actually experienced how it feels like to be twe…thirteen, and you can relate to what I’m talking about! (*turns head around and bites fingernail trying to think of a better answer….*)






Told you it was good! Moving on.

I do wish that this is one of your best years ever (though I doubt it will be your “best” wait a few years for that one AHA???? 😀 ) And that all your wished, dreams and goals come true. Oh! And that you grow closer to the Lord and really fall in love with him (and stop considering spiritual things as lame!) Which they’re not. OKAY!?!?!?


Thanks for all the fun years, awesome laughs, super-fun night talks, clothes tips when I’m not sure what to wear, and fun times we’ve had together. (Pero que no se te suba a la cabeza okay? Mucha de esa diversion fue por mi. HA!)

heeeeeeeeh Nah, really. All in all you’ve been a pretty awesome sister (except for… you know, THOSE times :D) I really am thankful I have you as a part of my life. TE AMOOOOO! *evil though forming in my mind* ..well, evil, for you.

-Runs and hugs Misty-

HAHAHA! It worked!



4 thoughts on “Freaky Thirteen….

  1. Misty says:

    O gosh windy! my bday is laready gone and forgotten! oh well… WHAT?!?! NO WAY! the fun was SOOO tatally JUST me!! okay??? *looks at u with deadly eyes*
    *rolls eyes* ur horrible at exuses u know??! hehe
    dont wry! ill get u bak for that hug!!!! u just wait and see! *goes to the bathroom and shuts door to think something eeeviiill!*

  2. Flo says:

    Oh let me help you Mist! *whisper whisper whisper* MUAhahahaha yes thats a good idea…..XD

  3. Misty says:

    oh i agree!!! thanks flo! haha

  4. tim says:

    So sorry! i forgot to wish you! i hope you had fun. add me on facebook if you’re on! love -Tim

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