Okay so I know we havent posted sins Misty’s b-day…….yup thats right a LOOOOONNNNGG TIME.But hey don’t blame us ok?!?!?!There like hasn’t been anything 2 post about until today.
That’s right ppl tomorrow is thanks giving………

This year we are actually ganna have turkey instead of chicken…last year 4 tx giving we had chiken and turkey 4 chrismas..weird

SOOO I know I have posted this b4 but sins we are on tx giving soo I SOOO I shall post it

ohh well that’s all 4 now bye!!
                                       HAPPY THANKS GIVING

2 thoughts on “THANKS GIVING!!

  1. WHAT?!?!The thing went crazy weard

  2. Flo says:

    what went crazy????
    haha i saw those pictures before 😀
    ahh i am still stuffed from last night!!
    happy thanksgiving 2 u 2!

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