At the mall!!!

so I know I havent posted in a long time so I desided to post today about when we were in the mall you probably already say all this pics on fb but who cares I shall post….here they are:

aww soo cute!!

I look really gross but daniela looks cool

ugh I tried to fix it but it said that the picture couldn’t save

aww I love this kind of dog!!

some awesome kind of birds

I love this pic

now time 4 some human pics 😉

me and daniela playing some awesome duck game!!lol

playing air hokey….very intense

playing some shooting game….haha I love their faces

now me and dani playing a shooting game (I think it was funner then the girls one)

this is sorta what it looked like

now at a mall eating ice cream and CAPUCHINO!!

I look really weird!!

stuffing our mouths

a little bit of a better pic!!

and now misty and daniela staring at the camera like “dull”!!

Well I  gtg now bye hope you liked the post!!


2 thoughts on “At the mall!!!

  1. Flo says:

    FINALLYYY!! Hehe, yeah i saw most of these on facebook!! it seemed super fun!! Oh yeah, hope u have a fun time at the movies today!!

  2. ugh I dont like fb its so anoying they always post the pics firt…..thats why I have barly posted!! :p nah not really its because im lazy!!!lol

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