drama classes!!!

ok so I havent posted in a long time (I know I say that every time)but still don’t blame me im mostly on the wii or cleaning or watching tv programs so get to the point…..

so went to this school called dramatic truth (I think) and they have a bunch of stuff they have like different kinds of dances and they had drama classes and marshal arts and stuff  like that soo I got signed up for drama classes and I can’t wait I really want to go but it’s until next thursday so ill have to wait one more week!!!And Windy is going to dancing classes its hip hop,ballet and jazz I wanted to go to ballet but they only let me have 1 so I chose acting but its fine!!

And guess what we found a really nice house wich is pretty cool cuz its like a ranch the yard is huge and it only has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms but the living room is big and the basement is too so its pretty good  its needs a lil work but I really want it!!!and the owner said yes so maybe we still need to pray about it my parents said so we will answer them in monday or tuesday…..well thats all that bin going on so im ganna go oh and I might post pics next time so yeah!!


2 thoughts on “drama classes!!!

  1. Windy says:

    I KNOOOW! Soon you’ll be like all pro and everything!
    UGH! It totally sucks that they said no 😦 *goes to the corner and cries and cries*

  2. Flo says:


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