ok so I know I know I haven’t posted in a LONGGGG time (I know I say that every time :D)so I shall post stuff that I’ve bin doin….

ok so probably everybody already knows m going to drama classes and that we got a new house (I know that’s old news but oh well) and…..ummm well we go to the coolest church evaa and go horse riding there too
ummmmmm andddd yes windy went to cervantino so one less girl to take care of..hihi..ugh but also one less girl to help clean the house 😦 ……and let’s see what ells……ummmm….I think that’s it!!!!so yeah well I shall try to post more frequently yup and maybe next time if we take pics then I’ll post them!!!!


One thought on “New!!!!!

  1. 2wildwindyheart says:

    HAHAHAH I KNEEEW you would miss me, lol.
    Did you go horseback riding after I left? Was the horse better this time?
    And no worries, as soon as I get home I’ll teach you how to change the title of this blog and edit it however you want it to look.
    I LOVE YOU! xoxox

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