Ok so since flo wouldn’t answer (I feel offended UHH):P nah umm and I’m not chatting with anyone I’m just ganna post pics!!!
you might have already seen these but if u have I’m posting them for Noelle!

so I finished school and decided to dress the dogs up for fun!!!

she looks sooo funny!!!!

ugh fluffy was supposed to be a bum but he was too lazy for him to stand up..grrrr

and don’t get bored I’m not just posting pear dog pics…

us with Alex a girl from church and this was her bye bye party cus she went to NY

at the party..just talkin

taking pics in out new house (ugh u can barely see the face)!!


some weird time..I think we were going some were

and we finish with MYYY CARRRRR!!ohh yeah!!!!

so bye hope u liked the post and cu later I might post tomorrow!!!


4 thoughts on “Pics!!

  1. Noelle says:

    Aaaawww, that is sooo cute!!
    And u girls are random! 😛

  2. Floo says:

    Haha, awww so cute!! hehe, sorry the computer turned off haha XD oh yeahh random girls haha!

  3. 2wildwindyheart says:

    AHHHH! I miss you girls tons! Hehehe I love these pictures, I don’t think I’d seen the ballerina one yet.

  4. AISH!!are u like the only one that has bin looking at my blog??!?!?!?!

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