I’ll give u a update on what we’ve been upto!!

ok so there’s ganna be this wedding at our church so me and misty went to go help do some stuff and we scraped the floor (cuz it had white paint)and that was like so tiring and then we swept the floor and then cleaned the windows (oh and misty wasnt here in the cleaning windows part she went with tod to pic up some paint and carpet) and then misty came back and we went for some food at the subway and also got some caesars pizza,came back and ate and my sandwich was soooo goood and the pizza was good to (heheh be jealous Windy!!) and after that we went to go paint the floor..that wasnt that bad cus we did it with a roller so it was good and me and Misty traded and after that we came back home and I got ready for my class and then I went at 6:45 pm and guess whattt!?!?!?!?I’M DOING A PLAYYYYY!!!!!aghhh but it’s until December and only for like the family…but I have like this HUGEE part I need to memorize have u guys heard the thingy that marry sais when she’s with Elizabeth and sais that all the ppl will call her blessed and yade yade yade yup I need to say ALLL that!!!but yeah unleast I have time :)…….ummmm yeah and then we I came back and then like 2 hours later we watched a movie and its called The Stand its pretty interesting..yup and that’s like basically thats like all the interesting thats been going on so bye!!Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Lena!!!!


2 thoughts on “SOOOO!!

  1. Flo says:

    haha thats alot of work XD lol, omgg thats cool, you have to video the play so i can see it 😛

  2. Annie says:

    maybe cus what if I screw up and then I wont want u to see it 🙂

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