Ok ppl just so that u know I’m ganna be posting often so yeah look at my bloggg!!and lets see what ells…………….ummmmmmmm ugh idk what ells to say ugh!!oh yes well today we went to this park only my dad,windy and mee cus misty and sunny made all these excuses of why they cant go so yeah so at the park we took some pics (oh and ill prob post them later)and we walked around and I got a rose and I didn’t know u went supposed to get the roses form the bush but its good that no one caught me 😀 so then that’s pretty much it on what we did there…but then since windy is going to do this dance performance then they gave these posters so that she can hang them up so we tried at the target but they said no and then we went to the five guys but they said no too so then we just came back home and yep that’s it!and I gtg eat so bye!!


4 thoughts on “waddup?!?!?

  1. Noelle says:

    Will be waiting for those pictures! 😀

  2. yup im just waiting for windy to put them in the comp!!

  3. Flo says:

    I think I already saw them on facebook? 😀

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