Ugh so I was hopping to have posted Happy thanksgiving but now its to late..but don’t blame me cuz we were at a friends house so I couldn’t post!!And I know I said I would post some pics but ive been to lazy and Idk if windy already put it in a computer and if she did I don’t know which one she put it in so yeah but dont worry ill ask her 😉

and lets see what ells……ummm I think that’s it and I would say that ill post some thxg pics but we didn’t take any so yep 😀 bye!!


2 thoughts on “AISH!!

  1. Flo says:

    AY ay!! Annie u need to post pics 😛

  2. Windy says:

    Pfff I can’t believe you girls didn’t take picturaaas! WHYYY!?!?! 😦
    Oh well.
    Humm, I have a few, I do need to post them actually. It was pretty fun, though I don’t have that many pictures, WHICH CAN BE GOOD! 😉
    A postear Annie! 😉

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