soooo long time no post so heres an update…okay so yesterday I went to my drama class and its actually really fun were doing improb right now and I like it!!annnddd were doing another play april so we might start script work again and what ells oh yeah and also we went to walmart so I bought some RAMENNNNN!!OH YEAH!!I havent had it in such a long time oh and also its like soooo cheap only a quarter…oh and today I like woke up fine so then I came to do my breakfast eggs with sausage (be jealous!!)and then I wanted some tee so I was boiling the water but then my mom told me to just serve my cup so then I grab a cloth so that  I wouldn’t get burnt but then the cloth caught on fire and then i didnt realize that it was on fire until it something started burning my  hand im wats that and BAM the fire im AHHHH so then I through it on the floor and and then it cuts of  and then im like OWWWW but the good thing is that it like didnt get super bad like u see when u get a burn and then it like turns red and stuff and then leaves a scar I dont think mine is but if it does then NOOOO!!ugh but its burning really bad right now and it hurts even more because I had a cut on one of the fingers so its like really burning..oh and another sucky thing is that my throat is like dry and my nose is stuffy!!!and were going swimming tomorrow so I just hope I get better by then and lets see what ells oh yes and also im ganna go take care of the kids in my grandparents church today so yeah and were watching gost rider part one today after the church so yeah and then we can go watch part 2 in the movies or something…anywhoo idk what ells to say so ADIOS!!oh and flo GET ONLINE!!


4 thoughts on “okaayyyy!!

  1. Flo says:

    Oww hope it feels better soon :O haha I have Ramen a lot xP hahah umm eggs with sausage….not so jealous since I dont like eggs hahaha!

  2. Annie says:

    ay flo snice when are u on are u on right now??

  3. Windy says:

    OUCH!!! How come you didn’t tell me this drama!!?!?!
    Love you, I’ll pray it gets better.
    YOU WANT ME TO GIVE IT A KISSEEEY!?!?! eeeey???? haha

  4. Annie says:

    ahhh no thanks its fine now!!

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