About Windy

This is my page…….

Well hiya’ll!!! As many of you may already know…… I am the oldest of the girl lot! Awesome huh? Yay for me!!! A big round of applause!!! (thank you, thank you!)……..

Well, what can I say? I am loving, nurturing, amazing,fun, sexy, beautiful, just the coolest ever…………… 😛

OOoookay, so that’s enough of being into myself, ahem!!!

Well, I honestly think my sisters are just, really cool! I love them cuz their beautiful, lovely, funny, fun, amazing, have good ideas AND are all younger than me!!! Yaya! haha
I mean, of COURSE there are times we clash, but hey! Who doesn’t okay??? Gosh!!! Give me a break!

Heeee, okay, so now you know my other side……..yeeeeeeeeaaaah, I can be pretty crazy and laugh about the most random things! Like someone can say, “Look, the grass is green!” and I’ll laugh my head off! hahahaha (I actually am now!! OMG!! Weeeeiiiiird……..)

Yeah, like Misty (and any other girl in the world) I can be preeetty concerned about my looks (haha, big news flash huh?) but in a good way! 😛

Oh, and just a random thing, Lynnette is sooooo cool! It’s amazing! We like, almost think alike!! And she’s weird too! We are both just soooo cool!

Okay, end of random thing.

Ahem! Well, ummmm what else can I say?……

Sure, being the eldest has it’s responsibilities but, I am very happy to have the sisters I have! LOVE YA MY NEGGAS!!! (it’s an inside joke, in case you wondered…)

Oh, and I also just LOVE serving the Lord alongside with them! Being a missionary just, totally rocks! THE most fulfiling job/lifestyle in the whole, wide, fat world!!! Let’s go win the world for Jesus, amen?


12 thoughts on “About Windy

  1. Flo says:

    ahahah lol!! How are u going to manage 3 blogs??

  2. Windy says:

    I have NO idea!!!

  3. Flo says:

    ahahaha just pot random stuff on this blog?

  4. 2wildwindyheart says:

    Heh, Now THAT’S an idea………hmmmmmmm

  5. Nikky says:

    U will manage, dont worry, same way i manage mine

  6. Nikky says:

    You can do what i do….
    1. i use for myself so basically its my personal blog about me!
    2.its wheere i put pics of my home and the different witnessing events, ctp’s classes, sheep etc.
    3. Its were i update all the family stuff, outings, experiences, birthdays, vacations and all.

  7. Ok now that was just weird you know why?? this is why:
    1 your NOT nurturing, defenitly NOT sexy and your nopt THAT cool!!
    2 we are NOT fun (well I guess somtimes) or amazing or have good ideas (well only sometimes) but all the rest you got it right!!! hehe

  8. and yes Linnet is soooooooo cool!! now shes my best friend and noella to!! (jaja making yah jealous flo???) hehe nop just kidding nobody could take your place flo!! Muah!! I luv yah!!!

  9. Windy says:

    Pfffft! Whatever Misty. You need special spiritual glasses to see things the way the Lord, (and I) see them, okay???

  10. What does that have to do with what I just said??

  11. 2wildwindyheart says:

    It means my dear, that you need special spiritual glasses to see things the way I see them and agree with me as in: Realizing I am fun, nuturing, sexy and the coolest ever. Aaand that you girls are cool, fun, have good ideas etc.
    As your older sister I say you need to take some time with the Lord and hear what he has to say, Amen?? 😛

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