i was gonna post something but this lazy attack just came and i really dont have a lot to say BUT guess what flo??? i found iiiittt! hahha so remember that when u visited cuernavaca we watched this really funny boy dancing to papa americano? remember? and that later on we tried to find it again but we couldnt? well i just ran into it!! yay! so anyways here it is! so yeah thats it and if u dont remember then damn uuu! hehe nah but remember? well wtv yeah bye


Merry Christmas!

We may not be perfect, things and people may not be perfect, situations or events may not be perfect… and yet, isn’t that a great part of what the celebration of Christmas is all about?
A loving father looked upon his beautiful creation–his children–yet realizing their own faults and shortcoming and that emptiness and longing for love and forgiveness that each one had, he sent his Perfect son, Jesus to a world full of imperfections.
The women who would be his mother was in a pretty imperfect state to have a baby.
The timing for his birth couldn’t have been less imperfect.
A stable to call his first home, a manger as his first crib, tattered cloths as his first garments, and animal noises as his first lullaby–nothing close to perfect I would say.
Yet the biggest miracle of Christmas is that He broke through those imperfections, He used them as a testimony that God doesn’t need perfection to bring his love, hope and salvation to the world. In fact, from what I see, He is quite fond of using odd and totally bizarre circumstances and turning them into something beautiful, something everlasting. I guess I could some that all up as: God loves to use broken things.


ok so I know I know I haven’t posted in a LONGGGG time (I know I say that every time :D)so I shall post stuff that I’ve bin doin….

ok so probably everybody already knows m going to drama classes and that we got a new house (I know that’s old news but oh well) and…..ummm well we go to the coolest church evaa and go horse riding there too
ummmmmm andddd yes windy went to cervantino so one less girl to take care of..hihi..ugh but also one less girl to help clean the house 😦 ……and let’s see what ells……ummmm….I think that’s it!!!!so yeah well I shall try to post more frequently yup and maybe next time if we take pics then I’ll post them!!!!

Freaky Thirteen….


Okay, so I imagine by now you’ve probably guessed it’s me (a.k.a. Windy-the-never-ever-poster-of-this-blog) who’s writing this post….

What!?!? You hadn’t!?!?!

Awww maaan….

Well, SORPRESA! That’s right here I am. Miracle of miracles.
Ahem, so yes. The subject of this post is: MISTY! Because, in case you didn’t know (which you probably did unless  you’re a meanie heeee) it was her BIRTHDAY!
But not just any birthday, HER FRIGGIN’ THIRTEENTH BIRTHDAY!!!

Whoaaaaah! Oy! GEEESH! GOSH!  Two sisters already entered into the teenage years… one more to go…

DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW THAT MAKES ME FEEL!???….errr… you probably know and don’t want to know 😀

But ahem, this post is not about me.



So where was I? OHHHH! Yes, that’s right.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISTY! Even though it’s really, days after… BUT that’s good! (don’t you DARE look at me like that!) IT IS! Cuz look, now you’ve actually experienced how it feels like to be twe…thirteen, and you can relate to what I’m talking about! (*turns head around and bites fingernail trying to think of a better answer….*)






Told you it was good! Moving on.

I do wish that this is one of your best years ever (though I doubt it will be your “best” wait a few years for that one AHA???? 😀 ) And that all your wished, dreams and goals come true. Oh! And that you grow closer to the Lord and really fall in love with him (and stop considering spiritual things as lame!) Which they’re not. OKAY!?!?!?


Thanks for all the fun years, awesome laughs, super-fun night talks, clothes tips when I’m not sure what to wear, and fun times we’ve had together. (Pero que no se te suba a la cabeza okay? Mucha de esa diversion fue por mi. HA!)

heeeeeeeeh Nah, really. All in all you’ve been a pretty awesome sister (except for… you know, THOSE times :D) I really am thankful I have you as a part of my life. TE AMOOOOO! *evil though forming in my mind* ..well, evil, for you.

-Runs and hugs Misty-

HAHAHA! It worked!