AGHHHH I dont know how this year could have gone sooooo fast……..ahhhh and all the awesome stuff we got to do…sooooo Im ganna say some awesome stuff we got to do this year…

1.we got to move to Kansas

2.oh yes we got to see some friends during the trip

3.my grandma got like WAYYYY better

4.we got to get an awesome house

5.anddddd I got like super cool presents 4 Christmas (and I will show them 2 u guys later)

6.ohhh yeah andddd I got to turn 12!!!oh yeah!!!

And yeah those are some of the cool things that happened this year….and Im hoping this new year will be even COOLER!!Anywhooo I gtg now cu bye!!HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Merry Christmas!

We may not be perfect, things and people may not be perfect, situations or events may not be perfect… and yet, isn’t that a great part of what the celebration of Christmas is all about?
A loving father looked upon his beautiful creation–his children–yet realizing their own faults and shortcoming and that emptiness and longing for love and forgiveness that each one had, he sent his Perfect son, Jesus to a world full of imperfections.
The women who would be his mother was in a pretty imperfect state to have a baby.
The timing for his birth couldn’t have been less imperfect.
A stable to call his first home, a manger as his first crib, tattered cloths as his first garments, and animal noises as his first lullaby–nothing close to perfect I would say.
Yet the biggest miracle of Christmas is that He broke through those imperfections, He used them as a testimony that God doesn’t need perfection to bring his love, hope and salvation to the world. In fact, from what I see, He is quite fond of using odd and totally bizarre circumstances and turning them into something beautiful, something everlasting. I guess I could some that all up as: God loves to use broken things.

Happy B-day!!

SOOOO Noelle!!!happy birthday!!!!hope u have an awesome time!!and u need to come visit us soon so that we can do a bunch of cool stuff ;)….andddd make a super awesome BIG party…Windy:cus u only turn 16 once!!so enjoy it!!

And I would post a pic but I cant find oneeeee!!!!!!eeeekkkkkk…..soo I know this was the shortest post of the history of the planet for a b-day thingy but I ran out of stuff to say sooo…..HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!luv u and miss u lots!!


I know I havent posted in a long time and I said I was ganna post often but I havent had time!!!anywhoo u prob already know that we put the lights outside and we already have the inside stuff..ummm oh yes and I might post some pics of the outside cus it came out pretty good!!well not that good and its not that important so maybe not andddd I know I said I was ganna post the pics of the park but Im to lazy to put the pics in the comp and I dont know how so yeah!!!:D….and lets seee what ells is new ummmm oh yes we did the papers for the presents!!!!!and I got…….umm ill tell u when u get on skype if u really want to know!!!;) and I already got one of my persons present!!!!oh yeah!!but I might get him or her another one and what ells…we just went to my grandperets spanish church and thank God the kids were good the baby didnt cry!!!!!and well were ganna watcha movie tonight so yeah..and thats it so byeeeee!!!!