ok so yesterday we went to go see the movie in plaza and windy invited some of her friends from like dance class and stuff  so we went early to get all the tickets and be able to just walk around the when we arrived there was only one of her friends so then we just bought the tickets and just went to walk around and they bought stuff..ok so then we went back to the movies and then we found out that there was ganna be this line to watch the hunger games so we went to the line while some ppl waited for other ppl to come oh and the good part was that we were like the second ppl on the line  so we got to get good chairs!!but then this guy came (that was also ganna watch the movie) and hes like how long have u guys been waiting here?and my dad said since six and the movie starts at 7 so then he like smirks in a bad way then leaves  and mistys like WERE SUCH NERRDDSS!!but then the line got like super big in like 20 min and then im like sucka I just hope that guy gets the back of the line!!ok so the movie started and like the theater was FULLL…anywhoo the thing is that the movie was really good and funny so I liked it!!ahhh and JOSH HUTCHERSON was like such a good Petaa great Petaa!!anyways thats all for now im ganna go watch tv shows!!!oh and watch the hunger games!!oh and flo u see in ur blog like to do dumb stuff in the movies that would have been perfect for the thing of saying “UGH I’ve been SHOT!!”haha would have been soo funny!!anywhoo thats all oh and flo GET ONLINE!!!!


2 thoughts on “HUNGER GAMEESSS!!

  1. HAHAHAH! YES! Well, it was worth it! 😉
    It was awesome! I AGREE! PEETA!… Josh Hutcherson.. <3!!! hahah

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